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July '08 Featured AZ'er: ultimatetaba8's 2007 A3 Sportback

July '08 Featured AZ'er: ultimatetaba8's 2007 A3 Sportback

July 3, 2008 - By Audizine Staff
User Name: ultimatetaba8
Real Name: Jason Maglinao
Location: Southern CA, USA
Year of Vehicle: 2007
Model of Vehicle: A3 (8P)
Engine of Vehicle: 2.0T
Just noticed something. It looks like we have a theme going with our recent Featured AZ'ers, a very patriotic theme. Nearly the last half dozen cars have been either red, white, or blue. Fitting for this month I suppose, if you're an American. But I digress. One thing these cars certainly do have in common, aside from the four-ringed logo, is that they all stand out in a crowd. This month's featured ride especially, as there just aren't a ton of A3s out there. When one's done well (and Jason's ride is done very, very well) it draws some attention.
Jason, who goes by the username ultimatetaba8 here on The Zine, has created one good looking hatchback. With a definite OEM+ style of modding, he's taken his A3 to a whole other level. The parts have been carefully selected to add just the right look to the areas that were sort of lacking a bit from factory. Yet the best part is that a lot of the new pieces were actually from the factory at some point; on some car, in some part of the world. From the front lip off a Seat Cupra R and the blacked-out grille treatment, to the brushed aluminum trim and ashtray delete on the interior, it all just fits perfect and looks great! That's the beauty of using OEM parts, especially when used properly.

Aside from the factory-spec mods though, a number of other very tasteful aftermarket parts can be found on the car as well. One may notice the quite aggressive stance obtained from the Koni Coilovers, bringing those sexy 19 inch anthracite BBS CK wheels oh so close to the smoldering red fenders of the A3. For pumping up the ponies, Jason turned to the fellas at Neuspeed for their P-Chip ECU tuning and a P-Flo intake. These are just some of the highlights on what's an already stunning car. With such a wonderfully supportive Audi-loving family, we're assured that there's a lot more in store for Jason's A3. Shoot, from the sounds of it, we may also be featuring his dad's A4 on here sometime soon!
Current Modifications
  • Neuspeed P-Chip
  • Neuspeed P-Flo Intake
  • EVOMS Engine Cover
  • Koni Coilovers
  • BBS CK, Anthracite, 19x8 et44
  • Nitto NT555 225/35/19 
  • S-Line Interior, brushed aluminum trim
  • OEM Ashtray delete
  • Color-matched steering wheel vinyl overlay
  • 5% Tint, Rear
  • 35% Tint, Front
  • Seat Cupra R Lip
  • OEM Blackout Grille
  • OEM Blackout Plate Filler
  • OEM Blackout Plate Holder
  • Blackout Rear Rings
  • Blackout Front Rings
  • Smoked/Blackout Side Markers
  • Yellow Lamin-X Fogs
  • Tinted Lamin-X Headlights
  • Debadged Rear Emblems
Future Modifications: Lots. Youll see!
Q (Audizine): OK, so how long have you owned this particular vehicle?
A (ultimatetaba8): Ive owned this car since December of 2006.
Q: And how has your ownership been with this vehicle overall?
A: Honestly, it has really been a bumpy road, in a figurative sense. Problems persisted for a duration, until the point where I was about to lemon the car. From the first month of ownership, the motor was replaced. Since then, several parts have been replaced from different areas of the car. Everything was serviced by the dealer, under warranty. For a while now, the car has been performing flawlessly, even with the performance mods installed once again. *Knock on wood*. I really do love this car, though. I wouldnt give it up.

Q: Think you'll be getting another one anytime soon?
A: As a matter of fact, if I did indeed end up lemoning the car, another A3 is what I would have gone for. But to really answer the question, no, another one is not in my future. This ones a trooper.
Q: Is this your first Audi?
A: Yes, this is my first Audi. It did, however, lead to my mom and dad also buying Audis of their own.
Q: How long have you been into Audis and into the European tuning scene?
A: Ive always admired Audis as long as Ive known about cars. I never imagined myself being able to own one, though. Ive been into the Euro scene since I started driving. My first car was an '05 Jetta GLI 1.8T. So basically, I got into the European tuning scene just before I was 16 years old.

Q: How long have you been into cars in general, as an enthusiast?
A: The day I got my GLI marks my first day as an enthusiast. I remember going online, searching for Volkswagen enthusiast forums. I felt so coolahhh, good times.
Q: Where do you think that passion and enthusiasm comes from, can it be traced back to anyone or anything?
A: Actually, my father was the one who got me into cars. He has been into cars before I was even born. Watching him mod his cars inspired me to do the same. When I got a car of my own, he always helped choose out mods. To this day, he still consults me, in regards to my mods. He even has a B7 A4 S-Line that I am helping him fix up.

Q: What do you most love about your car?
A: I absolutely love the styling of the car. I think it was designed very well, in terms of aesthetics and appearance. The interior is awesome. The A3 S-Line seats are one of my favorite things about it. In addition to that, the car feels solid, and rides really nice. Chicks dig it. (smiles)

Q: What's your biggest peeve in regards to the car, the one thing you dislike the most?
A: The one thing that has ALWAYS bugged me is the fact that the windshield wipers cant go up if the hood is closed. That makes it a real pain to clean the windshield.

Q: Can you explain or sum up your modding style? Do you prefer more go, more show, perhaps a combo of both?
A: Id say I love a combination of both. I cant really have a car that just looks good; Id need those extra horses to back up those looks. Im still working on my performance modifications lineup, but I dont personally find it practical, in my case, to have the car run 350+ hp; its basically a daily driver and sees no track time, so theres not really any need for it. In general, I just want to have a nice balance of performance and appearance.
Q: Do you prefer to do the work yourself, or do you have a shop or specific person perform the work?
A: I rarely do anything to the car myself. The car has always been handled by either the dealership and/or Eurowurx in Burbank, CA.
Q: Which mod are you the most proud of or happy with?
A: I would have to say that Im really proud of and happy with my BBS CKs and my Koni Coilovers. Those two definitely cost me the most money, and involved the most sacrifice to attain. One other mod I love is the Cupra lip. It fits PERFECT and flows/looks like it came on the car.

Q: Describe your fondest memory of owning, modifying, or driving this vehicle.
A: My most exciting moment was actually the day I first got the car. I was so stoked that I got the car I wanted.
Q: What would be in your ultimate garage, if you could have any two vehicles you wanted?
A: RS 4 and R8. Hands down.
Q: What do your friends and family think about your passion for Audis?
A: To be honest, my girlfriend thinks Im obsessed with my car; Im not sure thats something to brag about, however. My friends have always known me to be SUPER meticulous. I roll through puddles going less than 2-3mph, dust my feet off whenever I get into the car, and keep both interior and exterior as spotless as I can.
Q: How does your love for cars and Audis affect your life, does it play a pretty big part?
A: Definitely. Because of these cars and the scene, Ive made so many friends. I have made another family, outside of my own. I would also have to mention that if it werent for Audis/cars, I probably wouldnt always be broke. (laughs)
Q: What brought you to Audizine, and how long have you been with us?
A: Ive known about Audizine for quite a while now. In terms of forum membership, Ive been a lurker for a while, but I finally got around to registering in March of 2007.

Q: When you're not on Audizine, or out playing with the Audi, what do like to you do for fun?
A: I am actually a martial arts instructor; I teach Tae Kwon Do, so thats what I do a lot of the time. I also work at a Japanese restaurant called Kisho. Im big into playing paintball. As a matter of fact, I sold one of my guns worth $1,000+ to buy my coilovers. In addition to paintball, I snowboard. I enjoy hanging out with my family and spending time on the computer.
Q: Have an interesting day job? Care to talk a little bit about it?
A: As previously mentioned, I teach Tae Kwon Do. I teach children from 4 years of age all the way up to older adults. It can get pretty interesting at times, as children dont necessarily like to make work easy. My job at a Japanese restaurant is really fun. The people I work with are great. I actually look forward to going to work! Coincidentally, one of my really good friends who is also into Audis (and is on this forum as well) got me my job there. Hi Oscar!
Q: Any word of advice for your fellow enthusiasts, a bit of wisdom you'd like to impart on the masses?
A: Be creative. Dont necessarily limit yourself to what is within reach, but rather, see beyond what everyone else sees. Keep it tasteful though.

Q: And that about does it. Do you have anyone you'd like to thank, any shout-outs?
A: Ive got plenty of names Id like to drop. First of all, Id like to thank my Dad for getting me into the scene and always sticking by my side, my mom for not flipping out whenever something new appears on my car, and my Pure Euro family for giving me something to look forward to every week. I would also like to give a shout out to Carl Seehoffer and Richard Bodian over at Rusnak of Westlake for always taking care of my car and I, whatever my needs may be. I wont fail to mention that Neuspeed looks out for me, providing the software programming and supplying the goods. And I definitely cant forget Vic and Jimmy at Eurowurx for hooking up my car with everything I need installed. Oh, and a final shout-out to all the cool kids in the Euro scene for keeping the vibe alive.
  1. ultimatetaba8s 2007 A3 2.0T - Jason Maglinao

  2. ultimatetaba8s 2007 A3 2.0T - Jason Maglinao

  3. ultimatetaba8s 2007 A3 2.0T - Jason Maglinao

  4. ultimatetaba8s 2007 A3 2.0T - Jason Maglinao

  5. ultimatetaba8s 2007 A3 2.0T - Jason Maglinao

  6. ultimatetaba8s 2007 A3 2.0T - Jason Maglinao

  7. ultimatetaba8s 2007 A3 2.0T - Jason Maglinao

July '08 Featured AZ'er: ultimatetaba8's 2007 A3 Sportback
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