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December '08 Featured AZ'er: Adam@SPP's 2007 A3 Sportback

December '08 Featured AZ'er: Adam@SPP's 2007 A3 Sportback

December 1, 2008 - By Audizine Staff
User Name: Adam@SPP (AKA: remembertofocus)
Real Name: Adam Paul Woodhams
Location: San Jose, CA USA
Year of Vehicle: 2007
Model of Vehicle: A3 Sportback
Engine of Vehicle: 2.0T
Color of Vehicle: Lava Grey
Modding, it's in our blood. Sometimes it's in our genes. It's the act of taking one thing that works perfectly fine (for the normal person), or looks perfectly good (again, for those boring normal people), and making it better. It's an art form which we showcase each and every month with our Featured AZ'er. Like many of our past spotlighted AZ'ers, Adam is the epitome of a hardcore modder. This is his third modified VAG car in as many years. When we first met him three years ago he was on his way to having one unique B6 A4. After an extremely gnarly run-in with a very large boulder (from which he thanks the safety of his Audi to him being healthy and still modding today) he moved on to a Mk4 GTI. After he'd done all he wanted to do with the Volkswagen (which can be seen in the December 2008 issue of Eurotuner) he couldn't resist the urge to come back to Audi. Adam's new personal masterwork is what we'll be discussing here today.
Now due to Adam's many influences, mostly the Euro and Dubber scene, he tends to have a slightly different taste than even your average Audi enthusiast. But, he certainly makes no excuses or apologies about it. It's very apparent that he mods his cars for himself and no one else. Adam does what he likes, and pushes the envelope as far he possibly can. The most obvious example of this has got to be the wheels. It's certainly one of the most unique setups to grace any A3 that we've seen. We're looking at nineteen inch custom-made DPE ST-7's. These suckers are nine inches wide up front and ten inches out back! They're wrapped in super-stretched rubber, a nod to Adam's Dubber influences. It's almost as if to not distract from the main attraction, which is the wheel itself. They're a chrome step-lip, with the 14-spoke centers brushed aluminum and sprayed with a matte clear-coat. They're simply stunning, and the brake upgrades sitting behind them certainly don't hurt things either. The brushed aluminum grille trim and side mirrors round out the look.

The customization continues on into both the cockpit and under the hood as well. Here we can find some big changes like a pair of Sparco race seats as well as little touches like brushed aluminum pedals, a modified shifter, and a boost gauge so that Adam can see what the engine upgrades are putting out. The majority of the engine enhancements come by way of Neuspeed such as an intake, downpipe, full catback exhaust, and their 2.0T software upgrade. As with his previous couple of cars, there isn't much on this car that hasn't been touched. And of course, Adam's not done with it either. As most of us know, a hardcore modder is hardly ever "done" with their car. It's either keep on fine-tuning, changing, and tinkering, or move on to another project car. Luckily he has a very supportive and understanding group of loved ones, which is a good thing because when it's in your blood there is no rehab or drug that you can take to counter the addiction. Like a lot of great art, most normal people will just never get it.
Current Modifications
  • Forge diverter valve/spacer
  • Neuspeed chip
  • Neuspeed intake
  • Neuspeed downpipe/high-flow cat
  • Neuspeed stainless thru catback exhaust
  • Bilstein PSS10 coilovers
  • Neuspeed rear sway-bar
  • 19x9/10" DPE ST-7's with chrome step lips & matte clear powdercoated brushed-aluminum faces
  • Stretched 215/225-35 Falken 452's
  • Drilled Brembo 355's with "Adam's Infamous Rotors" in back w/ a drill to match patterns
  • Newsouth steering column pod and Spectrum boost-gauge
  • Brushed aluminum pedals
  • Neuspeed short shifter with custom short shaft
  • Sparco race seats/sliders
  • OEM Euro bixenon housings with 6000k bulbs
  • Yellow 55watt fogs/Lamin-X
  • Custom LED DRL's
  • Bushed aluminum grille trim, mirror caps, and license plate frame
  • Black S line grille and filler plate
  • Black S line valence
  • Rear hatch wiper delete
  • Blue tint side mirrors
  • 22% window tint all around
Future Modifications
  • OSIR side skirts
  • DTM rear end
  • Front lip
  • FMIC
  • Adjust my fenders/suspension and bring it down further
Q (Audizine): OK so to start things off, how long have you owned the A3?
A (Adam): Let's just call it August 1st of this year...somewhere around then I went down to LA and bought it out of a lease.
Q: How has your ownership been with it overall?
A: Amazing...been hard at work. Coming from two 1.8Ts it's just been a blast. This motor excels everywhere those missing .2 liters weren't.

Q: Think you'll be getting another one anytime soon?
A: Not for another 2-3 years.
Q: While I might know about your previous cars, please tell our readers about the other models and years you've owned.
A: Well my first VAG a few B6ers may know of back in my 'remembertofocus' days. I was in a terrible car accident, and lost it. It was hardly finished, but it saved my life. That's a whole 'nother story though I suppose. Then I picked up a Mk4 20th AE GTI after a uh...small leave of absence, but went to town on that. You can actually see it in this month's Eurotuner magazine for December.
Q: So then in total how long have you been into Audis and in the European tuning scene?
A: Um...3 years now.

Q: And how long have you been into cars in general, as an enthusiast?
A: (laughs) Since I got my first car at 15.5 years old I'd say. Got my first job in a kitchen at a Southern food restaurant to pay for all my modding. Let's just say I've had a few cars, and every one of them was far from stock.
Q: So you've definitely had a passion for cars and automotive expression from a young age. Where do you think it comes from?
A: I'd have to say my mother. Shes very creative, very artistic. So am only avenue to express that has been my photography...and my cars.

Q: What do you love most about your current Audi?
A: Oh boy...the seats, the exhaust...and the wheels. (laughs) I know that's not one, but for mods those are them. I love them equally. As for the the car's such a nice little package all put together. With a few more things'll be something else. Matched up with the "B7 waterfall" facelift, its perfect.

Q: What's your biggest peeve in regards to the car, the one thing you dislike the most?
A: The stance. I'm a stance guy...if you couldn't tell...and it's just not low enough for me. It needs to be perfect with this look. It's not. Yet.

Q: Can you explain your modding style? Euro, OEM+, race, go, show, etc?
A: Dubber...Euro...I don't know. The Mk4 scene really got me. Stretch n' poke...dubbed out little hatches. Low and wide...rubbn'. I love it. If you see my last GTI, you'll know what I mean. The style of this car lends hand to the Euro VW scene I'd say. But then, Audi has got me for good. So yeah I'd say it's a blend of those two.
Q: Do you prefer to do the work yourself, or do you have a shop or specific person perform the work for you?
A: It depends. Wheel installs, grilles, headlights, suspension adjustments, some performance installs that I can handle and have tools for, I'll do. Everything else goes to BRRacing here in Los Gatos, California. Robb and Bruce always take care of me for the major stuff.
Q: Which mod are you the most proud of or happy with?
A: Definitely the wheels. A lot of time and effort went into them. They were built for the car by Supreme, DPE, and myself. Measurements, conversions, millimeters, the time to manufacture them, and then getting the car to sit right. The tire choice, and's different. It's something not alot of people do with an Audi, let alone these specs on an A3. I'm not sure who's ran 19"x9/10"'s pretty cool. I don't do mild, safe, normal. There's a lot of hate with my style, but also a lot of love. I do it for me.

Q: Please describe your fondest memory of owning, modifying, or driving your Audis?
A: Jeeze...I'd have to say two memories. One was the NorCal bay area meet at the alameda naval base about 2 years ago. I meet a lot of the local members there that day. It was my first meet and we had a killer time. Met Justin (norcatalyst916) inparticular and he has become a very close friend since.  And that leads me to the second memory which well, isn't one of the accident. This also sprung from a local meet we all got together with via Audizine in the Regional Forums. After going for a drive, it happened. All the guys being there after to support me that night, in person at the hospital, and through the thread. Those types of things mixed with the daily neck spins, nods, and thumbsup I's all worth every penny in money, sweat, and tears.
Q: Putting your current car aside for a moment, what else would be in your dream-car garage?
A: Ohhh man! Do i think of this often. (laughs) Well it's always evolving, but right'd say an RS 4, S5, A8L, Porsche GT2, and a supercharged Range Rover Sport for my girl...and those times you actually need room to move shit. All charcoal or black please.
Q: What do your friends and family think about your passion for cars?
A: Well my mom's proud when I get stuff like this or the magazine. Dad's finally come around to see it's something pretty cool and has a business aspect to it rather then just a "waste of money". As for my girlfriend...I'm a lucky man 'cause she's not only accepting of it, I see she has interest. She asks questions, learns, even offers her opinions and approval when I add something new. Plus all my buddies - local and online - always seem to love my projects so I can't complain.
Q: How does your love for cars affect your life? Does it play a very big part?
A: Well, I'd never buy anything else. It's part of my's part of what I have's a lifestyle for me really. Cars aren't just transportation as we all know. It's something that makes me happy. It gets me place to place sure, but damn if I'm not gunna look fly doing it. One thing I always share to those that may not fully get it, is every morning I wake up, walk to my car, check it out, feel good, and look forward to my 30 minute commute to work every day. I don't think everyone can say that.
Q: What first brought you to Audizine, and how long have you been with us?
A: Since I got the B6 three years ago...I think Google to be honest. Haven't missed a day since.

Q: When you're not on Audizine, or out playing with the Audi, what do like to you do for fun?
A: Hustle, photo, my amazing girl, my home. I'm a pretty simple guy.
Q: And do you have an interesting day job? Care to talk a little bit about it?
A: It's not all that interesting. Other then Supreme online 24/7, I work at a sales rep firm for a living. Still learning. I'm hoping to one day take over the family business as a manufacture's representative. I recently graduated and now working full time. I have begun to step out of the office and am on the road training to learn the ins-and-outs of the business.'s just what I do.
Q: Any word of advice for your fellow enthusiasts? A wisdom bomb you'd like to drop on the masses?
A: Well...I made this statement in a recent thread. Have a purpose, have a plan. I treat a new car like a project. A blank canvas or whatever cheesy analogy works here. Don't look at it as what's first but rather what works together, and have a final outcome you're looking to accomplish. Most parts lend hand to another, and most install in pairs of parts or more. Just be smart and use your imagination.

Q: Definitely some good advice. So lastly, do you have anyone you'd like to mention or thank?
A: Eric at Supreme Power. Robb and Bruce at BRRacing. All my buddies along the way...and lastly, bookmark and pass it around:
  1. Adam@SPP's 2007 A3 Sportback by Adam Paul Woodhams

  2. Adam@SPP's 2007 A3 Sportback by Adam Paul Woodhams

  3. Adam@SPP's 2007 A3 Sportback by Adam Paul Woodhams

  4. Adam@SPP's 2007 A3 Sportback by Adam Paul Woodhams

  5. Adam@SPP's 2007 A3 Sportback by Adam Paul Woodhams

  6. Adam@SPP's 2007 A3 Sportback by Adam Paul Woodhams

  7. Adam@SPP's 2007 A3 Sportback by Adam Paul Woodhams

  8. Adam@SPP's 2007 A3 Sportback by Adam Paul Woodhams

  9. Adam@SPP's 2007 A3 Sportback by Adam Paul Woodhams

  10. Adam@SPP's 2007 A3 Sportback by Adam Paul Woodhams

  11. Adam@SPP's 2007 A3 Sportback by Adam Paul Woodhams

  12. Adam@SPP's 2007 A3 Sportback by Adam Paul Woodhams

  13. Adam@SPP's 2007 A3 Sportback by Adam Paul Woodhams

  14. Adam@SPP's 2007 A3 Sportback by Adam Paul Woodhams

December '08 Featured AZ'er: Adam@SPP's 2007 A3 Sportback
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