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June '09 Featured AZ'er: the4ringer's 2008 A3 Sportback

June '09 Featured AZ'er: the4ringer's 2008 A3 Sportback

June 4, 2009 - By Audizine Staff
User Name: the4ringer
Real Name: Jay Jaime
Location: San Ramon, California, USA
Year of Vehicle: 2008
Model of Vehicle: A3 Sportback
Engine of Vehicle: 2.0T FSI
Color of Vehicle: Deep Ocean Blue Metallic
It's all in the family. No, not the 70's sitcom starring Archie Bunker. I'm not even referring specifically to the Audizine family. I am talking about the influence one's own flesh-and-blood can have on their car addiction. Most of us probably have some recollection of the cars that our father (or mother) drove and tinkered with when we were growing up. Some might have older brothers (or sisters) that were into cars. The lucky ones have family that are still into tuning, that support their habit, and that may even help them work on their cars. If you grew up in a family that actually owned an automotive shop and had some of their vehicles featured in magazines back in the day, then odds are pretty good that you'll follow in similar footsteps. That leads me to Jay, his 2008 A3 Sportback, and our June 2009 Featured AZ'er.

Jay is better known as 'the4ringer' on the A3/S3 Forum and NorCal Regional Forum where he is a regular visitor and poster. His build thread is what initially caught our attention and sparked our interest in doing a feature on him on his Ocean Blue A3. The black and blue theme is definitely eye-catching, pulled off quite well thanks to a set of painted 17 inch OZ Ultraleggeras in gloss black and a matching black Oettinger grille. The car's ride height and body roll are decreased using an H&R Sport Cup Kit and a Neuspeed 25 millimeter rear sway. A little extra grunt comes by way of Revo software and a Neuspeed P-Flo. As is this case with every 'gear head', more power is in the works.

One of the greatest modifications that Jay's pulled off though may not be regarding his A3 at all. You see, his father grew up living, breathing, and making a living on American muscle. Even Jay himself worked his way through owning several American cars, went through a Japanese phase, and then saw the light of German automotive engineering. Luckily he didn't let a quick and disappointing stint with a Mercedes C-Class spoil his fun. It instead led him to the A3 you see here now. It also led his father into wanting an Audi of his own, an A5 to be more specific. We're definitely rooting for him to pick one up. If Jay's A3 is any indication of what this family is about, then we'd love to see what the patriarch can do with an Audi in his own garage.

Current Modifications

 - Engine/Exhaust:
  • Neuspeed P-Flo Intake
  • EuroJet PCV fix- G-version Diverter Valve
  • REVO Stage 1 Software
  • Neuspeed Torque Arm Insert
 - Suspension/Transmission: 
  • H&R Sport Cup Kit
  • Neuspeed 25mm Rear Sway Bar
 - Wheels/Brakes:
  • Custom Painted 17"x8" OZ Racing Ultraleggeras
 - Interior: 
  • Hardwired Escort 8500 x50
  • Tint blocking 35% light (all around)
  • White LED interior lighting
 - Exterior: 
  • Custom Painted Oettinger Grille
  • Paint-To-Match front corner-markers
  • Paint-To-Match Billet License plate frame
  • Custom Painted Rear lower valance
  • 2009 Euro-Spec LED Tail Lights
  • Removed Fog-Light housing back-plate
  • Full Debadge
Future Modifications
Stainless-Steel brake line/Hawk HPS Pads, 225/45/17 Toyo Proxes4, 42 Draft Designs catted 3" downpipe, AutoTech 3" catback exhaust, and Stage 2 software...then its 'done'...for now.
Q (Audizine): Alright, so to begin, how long have you owned your A3?
A (Jay): I picked it up December 7th of 2007, so June makes it 18 months.
Q: And how has your ownership been with it overall?
A: I've loved it. Coming from a 2003 MB C230k, the community is a bit more tight-knit, the parts are readily-available and somewhat "cheaper", with greater gains. Haven't had one problem with it yet, and that's a sigh of relief. (knocks on wood)

Q: Think you'll be getting another Audi any time soon?
A: That's the plan. Though I'm not sure what I want...whether to keep the A3 and go with a big turbo, chuck it and get an A5/S5, or cruise around town in a B8 A4. I'm torn. (laughs) But nevertheless, an Audi will surely be in my garage.
Q: Is this your first Audi? If not, which other models have you owned?
A: Yeah, it's my first Audi and actually my first brand new car. I've had an array of cars; '92 Acura Vigor (totaled), '93 GMC Truck (sold), '94 Accord riced-out (sold), and a '03 MB C230k that I dropped $6k in mods on within 7 months, and was serviced 7 times in 45 days. Needless to say, I sold it 2 weeks shy of owning it a year.
Q: How long have you been into Audis and in the European tuning scene?
A: For Audis, I would say the last couple years. As far as Euro tuning, I was always an AMG fan. Loved the M5s, and at the time, hadn't really given too much attention to the Audi scene. Shame on me, right?! When I had my C230k, I saw an A3 and put some thought into what the possibilities could be. A few months later, I got myself one and haven't looked back.

Q: How long have you been into cars in general, as an enthusiast?
A: I grew up in the car scene. It was mainly classic American muscle though. My dad had his own shop at one point and made his way into a few magazines with various cars/trucks/motorcycles. It was only natural that I grow into or around it.
Q: I guess that answers the question as to where your passion for cars comes from.
A: Well growing up with a passionate family where no car was ever left stock, it definitely would be the first sign. And I think the constant want/need for more power or to go faster is just a part of the male genetic code.

Q: What do you love most about your A3?
A: How aggressive it looks. The black on blue combination sets it off just right and I've gotten nothing but compliments on the combo. Oddly enough, my original color selections were Ibis White, and then Brilliant Red as a secondary. The dealer called and said "Okay, we have your car in white". I replied with "Awesome, but now I'm really into the blue". I'm really happy that I ended up going that route!

Q: What's your biggest peeve in regards to the car, the one thing you dislike the most?
A: I'm really kicking myself in the ass about not getting the bi-Xenon headlights, but I live with it. The armrest and handbrake position has been a known nuisance as well as the iPod connectivity/functionality, but I think that's really all I'd have to "complain" about. The car is solid and has definitely proven itself.

Q: Can you explain your modding style? Do you prefer more go, more show, or maybe a combo of both?
A: I think a fine balance between both is a fine combination. If it looks/sounds aggressive, it better damn-well impress or produce just the same. I think with the current styling and minor engine mods, either installed or projected, it will surely be able to carry its own presence and appeal.
Q: Do you prefer to do the work yourself, or do you have an independent shop or a specific person perform the work?
A:  If its something I know I can handle, or handle with a friend, then I'll take care of it myself. Otherwise I leave it up to my indie or the dealership. After all, that's what warranty is for. (laughs)
Q: Which mod are you the most proud of or happy with?
A: I think the thing I'm most happy with, and that I get constant compliments - and head turns - is the gloss black Ultraleggeras. I think I'm still in shock at how they turned out. Ideally, I'd like the calipers painted black along with black rotors. Sounds a bit much, but I think it would look dope.

Q: Describe your fondest memory of owning, modifying, or driving your A3.
A: I'd have to say when I got it lowered. My indie said "we didn't want to give the car back, it handled so good". Later that week, "testing" out the new suspension on my way to Lake Tahoe. Can't forget the kick-ass times to/from/at Wustefest '08. Or the local drive that never seemed to end. That was surely a bonding experience.
Q: What would be in your ultimate two-car garage, if money were no object yet you could only choose two vehicles?
A: Honestly, the V10 R8. The R8 always turns heads. I'd even "settle" on the the V8 version and go with the 'Blackbird'. Alongside that would be a tricked-out '32 Ford Roadster. Always had a thing for those, even to this day.
Q: Overall, what do your friends and family think about your passion for Audis?
A: My parents support my "habit". They've been behind my car modding since I started, even though my mom doesn't understand why I "need to". My dad is dying to get his hands on the A5. My friends are supporters and into the car tuning scene as well. It's nice being able to bounce ideas off 'em to get feedback.
Q: How does your love for cars, and Audis specifically, affect your life? Does it play a fairly big part?
A: Actually a really big part. I'm a huge NASCAR fan and a fan of just about anything on four wheels that goes fast. Seen every episode of Top Gear. My close friends are interested just the same and even my girl is startin' plot out mods on her GTI. I'm just really involved in making things better/faster.
Q: What brought you to Audizine, and how long have you been with us?
A: I think Audizine was one of the first, if not the first, Audi forum I joined back in late '07 as "DoubleStuff2.0". The A3 community was usually just reposts from people over at the "other" (laughs) forum.  But I've found the the regional NorCal forum is pretty active and has a lot of cool people, locally!

Q: When you're not on Audizine, or out playing with the Audi, what do like to you do for fun?
A: Workout, hang out with my friends, hit up some clubs, a few video games (still a kid at heart), talk about cars with friends, listen to music, and I'm starting to get into learning pro-detailing. Thanks to the guys on the Detailer's Forum!
Q: Have an interesting day job that you wouldn't mind talking a bit about?
A: I'm actually a graphic designer for my own company, I specialize in nightlife and events, but am capable of just about anything...except websites. I know, it's like being allergic to air. I am self-taught and have been servicing clients for the last 8-9 years all over San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Canada and even a few countries in Europe.
Q: So any advice or words of wisdom for your fellow enthusiasts that you would like to share?
A: There is ALWAYS going to be someone who hates your car or something on it. No matter how bad-ass it is or how much money is invested. Mod because it's what YOU want not because what someone else says looks good. People are entitled to their own opinions, so learn to accept it!

Q: And lastly do you have anyone you'd like to thank, any shout-outs?
A: The Audizine community (met a lot of cool people from AZ). Freddie, Nick, and Scott @ East County European Autoworks for their time and top-notch service. Berk @ DBC Perf for always comin' through and takin' care of me. My neighbors for putting up with my constant car washings. Adam@SPP for always keepin' it real. Blake P even if he hates my all-black wheels (again). My parents for putting up with my constant car/mod talk (and help when I needed it). L-Boogie/Mr.Bojangles/The Other Half of Team Shadow for keeping the HP-Wars goin (Get It On!). TripleBlack & S4DTM for more kick ass times at Wuste '09. nicolina (Team Ovaries) "because friends don't let friends drive stock". BroadwayKT (Team Ovaries) for putting up with my relentless car talks as well as all of the support. The people over at the "other" forum, even if you do post pointless stuff at times (laughs), and anyone else I haven't mentioned who've had an impact or a hand in helping me get to where the car is now. Don't think I don't appreciate your help and support. Thanks everyone. Happy motoring and keep it on all fours.
  1. The4ringer's 2008 A3 Sportback - Photo by Brett Patzner

  2. The4ringer's 2008 A3 Sportback - Photo by Brett Patzner

  3. The4ringer's 2008 A3 Sportback - Photo by Brett Patzner

  4. The4ringer's 2008 A3 Sportback - Photo by Brett Patzner

  5. The4ringer's 2008 A3 Sportback - Photo by Brett Patzner

  6. The4ringer's 2008 A3 Sportback - Photo by Brett Patzner

  7. The4ringer's 2008 A3 Sportback - Photo by Brett Patzner

  8. The4ringer's 2008 A3 Sportback - Photo by Brett Patzner

  9. The4ringer's 2008 A3 Sportback - Photo by Brett Patzner

  10. The4ringer's 2008 A3 Sportback - Photo by Brett Patzner

  11. The4ringer's 2008 A3 Sportback - Photo by Brett Patzner

  12. The4ringer's 2008 A3 Sportback - Photo by Brett Patzner

  13. The4ringer's 2008 A3 Sportback - Photo by Brett Patzner

  14. The4ringer's 2008 A3 Sportback - Photo by Brett Patzner

  15. The4ringer's 2008 A3 Sportback - Photo by Brett Patzner

June '09 Featured AZ'er: the4ringer's 2008 A3 Sportback
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