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November '09 Featured AZ'er: Quattro's 2006 A4 Sedan

November '09 Featured AZ'er: Quattro's 2006 A4 Sedan

November 16, 2009 - By Audizine Staff
User Name: Quattro
Real Name: Randy Sarmiento
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Year of Vehicle: 2006
Model of Vehicle: A4 quattro sedan
Engine of Vehicle: 2.0T
Color of Vehicle: Brilliant Black
There's one item in every automotive enthusiasts' repertoire that is extremely important yet often overlooked; a flamesuit. It's even more of a necessity if you're a regular member of an online community and web forum such as this one. Without it you won't last long, and you certainly won't venture too far outside of the box. In order to take risks, try new and unique modifications, and push envelopes, you need a thick skin. Our Featured AZ'er for November 2009 certainly knows that fact well. Randy, AKA 'Quattro', has been an active member of Audizine for well over five years and is currently on his third Audi. It's that current B7 A4 2.0T sedan of his that we're featuring here now.

If you too are a regular around these parts, then there's little doubt that you haven't seen Randy or his Brilliant Black A4 around - especially if you frequent the B7 A4 Forum or are from Southern California. The front end of his Audi is instantly recognizable with its Angel Eyed E-code housings, vented Vorsteiner CF hood, and Deval bumper with S6 LEDs. Randy has even heard the concerns regarding some of his mods from us here at Audizine, but once the big picture is factored in, all of that apprehension quickly vanishes like frost off the hood of a turbocharged Audi. We're talking OEM + parts up the yin-yang and more audio visual goodies than a Best Buy.

The focal point of that picture though is really the car's power and handling. Randy has left nothing untouched, from suspension mods via a coilover kit by Bilstein and front and rear sways by H&R, to brake upgrades courtesy of the Porsche parts-bin and ECS rotors with Hawk pads. This makes for a much better behaved car on the street when wearing its 19 inch BBS RGR wheels and on the track when Randy throws on the 18 inch CH's. To make the car really scoot he's gone with software by Revo, motor mods by KMD Tuning and Forge, air cooling by GSG, and exhaust components from Labree and ABT. It all adds up to the perfect recipe for a flame repellent, and is a big reason that Randy 'Quattro' Sarmiento has been around the scene as long as he has and is undoubtedly hooked for life.

Current Modifications

 - Engine/Exhaust:
  • Revo Stage 2+
  • KMD high pressure fuel pump internals
  • Labree Motorsports high flow catalyst converter
  • Labree downpipe
  • GhostSquadGarage front mount intercooler
  • GhostSquadGarage cold air intake
  • Forge diverter valve
  • ABT quad exhaust
  • RS 4 engine covers (side, battery cover)
 - Suspension/Transmission: 
  • Bilstein PSS9
  • H&R front sway bar 32mm
  • H&R rear sway bar 20mm
 - Wheels/Brakes:
  • 19"x8.5" BBS RGR Hyper Silver (for street)
  • Toyo T1-R 225/35/19
  • 18"x8.5" BBS CH Hyper Silver (for track)
  • Toyo T1-R 245/40/18
  • Porsche Cayenne 6-pot calipers
  • ECS rotors
  • Hawk pads
- Interior:
  • Custom retrofitted ABT shift knob
  • Retrofitted S line steering wheel w/ custom paddle shifters
  • RS 4 pedals w/ dead pedal
  • RS 4 e-brake handle
  • Custom 4x4 black carbon weave interior trim
  • Custom rear view mirror w/ auto dimming
  • VMR custom vent boost gauge
  • Xenon interior lights
  • Hardwired valentine radar w/ concealed display
- Audio/Visual:
  • Focal Utopia 6.5 front and rear speakers
  • 13.5 JL Audio W7 subwoofer in custom box
  • JL Audio 300/4 and JL Audio 1000/1 amps
  • Full trunk area Dynamat
  • Alpine IVA-D106 in-dash TV
  • Alpine NVE-872a navigation
  • Alpine iPod connecter (Video/Audio)
  • Alpine TV tuner
  • Alpine video selector
  • Alpine center channel speaker
  • Alpine/Sirius satellite radio
  • Kenwood 5-band equalizer
 - Exterior: 
  • Deval RS 4 front bumper
  • Custom RS 4 matching mesh
  • Custom retrofitted S6 LED lights
  • Headlight washer delete
  • Upgraded bi-Xenon European-spec headlights
  • Custom painted inner brilliant black housing
  • Custom dual "Angel Eyes"
  • Vorsteiner double-sided carbon fiber hood
  • OEM S4 door blades
  • OEM S4 silver mirrors
  • ABT sideskirts
  • ABT rear valance
  • ABT 3-piece trunk spoiler
  • Reiger roof spoiler
Future Modifications
Hmmm...some comfortable interior mods, wider exterior mods and something big for the engine.
Q (Audizine): How long have you owned the A4?
A (Randy): I have owned this vehicle for almost 4 years. December will be the 4th year of ownership.
Q: And how has your time been with it so far?
A: Great, haven't had any major problems as of yet... (knocks on wood) Love driving the car and modifying it.

Q: Do you think you'll be getting another one any time soon?
A: Tough question. I have been contemplating getting a new car, but haven't decided. It would either be a B7 S4 or B7 RS 4 as the b8's haven't grown on me. Underlying problem is spend the money on this car, or get a new one...tough choice!
Q: Is this your first Audi? If not, what others have you owned?
A: This is not my first Audi. I have had two previously, both B5 A4s. My first beloved '96 B5 A4 - that I miss - was lost in a car crash. My B7 has been built similarly to my first B5 as a tribute to it and has received the recognition I always wanted for it. The second Audi was a '98 B5 A4 storm trooper edition.
Q: How long have you been into Audis and in the European tuning scene?
A: Hmmm.since I was 16, so just shy of 10 years.

Q: What about overall, how long have you been a car enthusiast?
A: Same as above, almost 10 years. Man time flies by!
Q: And where does your passion for cars come from?
A: My neighbor Art - hello sir - was the guy who got me involved in the modifying scene. At the young age of 16 I was naive about cars; my neighbor was into the whole JDM scene and oddly enough, I wanted a prelude SI as my first car. But, that didn't happen and I never looked back! He was the first person to help me with the first mod on my b5, and after many years, tables have turned and now I am helping him with all the terminology and modifying ideas.

Q: What do you love most about the A4 that you have now?
A: Overall, I love the way my car handles with the quattro system. Additionally I love the overall look of the car at the moment, although some changes are within the near future. (lets out an evil laugh)

Q: What's your biggest pet peeve with the car, the one thing you dislike the most?
A: Two things; It's automatic and the seatsthe latter will be remedied.

Q: How would you explain your modding style; more go, more show, or maybe a bit of both?
A: My modding style is simple, being unique. This explains why I always started and focused more about show - appearance - rather than go. I didn't want to have a typical looking car on the street to resemble mine, so I started with looks. Currently, I have deviated to make the car a mixture of show and go, car has to look good before it can go fast.
Q: When it comes to mods, do you prefer to do the work yourself or do you have a go-to shop handle the wrenching for you?
A:  I have done, for the most part, all the work on my car. A few people/shops have worked on my car such as Michael at Canyon Racer Motorsports, Brett for all the audio work, and Jordan and Laurence at GhostSquadGarage.
Q: Of all the many mods done to your car, which one are you the most happy with?
A: I don't have one mod in particular that I love move than the other, but as a whole I have to say my front end look! The aggressive look it has. Yes Anthony, even those pesky angel eyes! I think my car pulls off that look.

Q: What's your fondest memory of owning, modifying, or driving your B7 so far.
A: The fondest and oddest memory of owning this car is one day after working with my dad as I was walking to my car and thinking to myself, "This car is too damn nice for me, I am one lucky SOB." I had a reality check. (laughs)
Q: If you could choose, which cars would be in your ultimate two-car garage?
A: My two dream cars, which I will have one day, are the Bugatti Veyron and Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 SV.
Q: What do your friends and family think of your passion for Audis?
A: My family - my parents and sister - think I am nuts and get upset with me that I am doing this to my car and additionally spending a lot of money. Day two of ownership I started modifying, and that didn't fly with my parents! Despite their lack of agreement, I wouldn't have anything without them. Hmmmthe girlfriend, well she doesn't love it, but she is very understanding and supportive to an extent about my modifying. She has even bought me mods! Lastly, everyone...myself included...wish I could have this same passion and drive towards school.
Q: How does your love for cars, and Audis specifically, affect your life? Does it play a very big part at all?
A: Man, modifying cars and my love for cars are a huge part of my life. I have had many arguments with my girlfriend over this, lost a few friends along the way, and met close friends through modifying - like 'bsrpilot44'. My first year of modifying left me literally hungry! I starved myself so I could buy mods, although it doesn't show. It is a huge addiction, but I wouldn't change anything. I have learned to "pace" myself. For birthdays and holidays, family and friends ask what I want for my car and not for myself. But that got old and they never bought me anything for the car. Overall it is a huge part, but I don't see myself getting an exorcism from it. It might get worse as I get older and have a few extra dollars to spend on this addiction.
Q: What brought you to Audizine, and about how long have you been with the community?
A: I was a veteran of AudiWorld, and somehow, I was linked to Audizine many moons ago. Been a forum member for quite some time, time flies when you are having fun!

Q: When you're not on Audizine, or out playing with your Audi, what do like to you do for fun?
A: I like to collect post not really. (laughs) If I am not on AZ, I am trying to study and/or hanging out with the gf/friends. For the next few years, law school will be my "fun". Oh and lastly, taco runs For The Win!
Q: Have an interesting day job that you'd care to talk a little bit about?
A: I am a secret agent...OK again no not really... I just help with my father's business, and study full time.
Q: Before we wrap up, do you have any words of advice to share with your fellow enthusiasts?
A: Without creating an epic debate, I would want to say: Always try being different and unique amongst your peers. Sure, you will get flamed and at times being unique and different might not work out, but it is a step towards progression of a variety of different cars. Lastly, to the B7 A4 section, stop flaming all the noobs. They don't know better, it's not their fault...let them live and learn!

Q: Great words of advice, for all Ziner! OK so lastly, do you have anyone you'd like to thank?
A: Yes, I sure do! Firstly, I want to thank my parents and sister for all their direct and indirect support. Without them I wouldn't be in the position I am in today. Secondly, my girlfriend Erica, for putting up with all those long mod nights and support throughout the years.
My friends and fam; Brandon the bro I never wanted, but happy to have, Luiggi AKA 'Smash', my cousin Sombria, all the FRRG members, Art the one who helped me start it all, Mitchel AKA 'MichGo' for helping me out with those photos, and for the Alpaca - inside joke. My SoCal brothers and sisters - 'ElCapitan464', 'Sal_B7', '1sexyb6', Kirk, etc etc...along with all the B7 A4 guys and gals for putting up with my stock looking car! Lastly, Matt AKA 'Matt16'.
Want to further thank Anthony and all Mods for maintaining this great website for enthusiasts, a site with people who genuinely care. Shops worthy of mention - Jordan and Laurence over at GhostSquadGarage, Matt at OCarbon for my sweet trim, Micheal at CanyonRacerMotorsports, Brett for car audio installs, Alan at EuroGear USA, and Stan at ToyoTires.
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  9. Quattro's 2006 A4 Sedan - Randy Sarmiento

November '09 Featured AZ'er: Quattro's 2006 A4 Sedan
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