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January/February '10 Featured AZ'er: PESAPC's 2007 RS 4 Sedan

January/February '10 Featured AZ'er: PESAPC's 2007 RS 4 Sedan

January 30, 2010 - By Audizine Staff
User Name: PESAPC
Real Name: Paul Stansen
Location: Southern California, USA
Year of Vehicle: 2007
Model of Vehicle: RS 4 quattro sedan
Engine of Vehicle: 4.2 V8
Color of Vehicle: Daytona Gray
It's pretty incredible that even after more than two years of doing these articles we're still hitting firsts. It certainly speaks to the range and depth of the Audizine Community. And while this month's article does come a bit late (sorry about that) we weren't about to let it be the first time we skipped a month. No, this just happens to be the very first time we've had a repeat Featured AZ'er. Back in September of last year we spotlighted the other Audi in the stable of a one Paul Stansen (AKA: PESAPC), a B8 A4 2.0T Avant. At that time the plan was to feature Paul and his two cars in one article, but after seeing all of the work he'd done to them it became clear that they each deserved their own spotlight.

So to kick off the new year we have the slightly older, much stouter, and definitely bad-asser, big brother; Paul's 2007 Daytona Gray RS 4. Just as he did with his A4, this car too is modded to the hilt with the very best-of-the-best aftermarket parts. To help get all of the engine's ponies to the ground, there's a number of items from JHM such as a Stage 4 Kevlar clutch, lightweight flywheel, and downpipes, with the spine tingling V8 gurgle emanating from a Milltek exhaust. The tuning has also been tweaked by Singh Tuning, and the suspension has been vastly improved courtesy of STaSIS Ohlins Coilovers and an H&R rear sway. The power meets the road via a set of matte black HRE M40 Monoblocks, and the whole thing comes to a very abrupt stop thanks to the big bright red Brembo brakes which are visible at all four corners.

Those who've driven an RS 4 know how versatile yet beastly the car is, even in stock form. With the car now as dialed in as Paul's, it fills a few key roles like very few vehicles can. Not only is it a perfect therapist, capable of managing one's stress level from 0-60 is just mere seconds, but it's the ultimate weekend getaway car. It doesn't matter the weather - rain, snow, or shine - and it doesn't matter the number of companions - from 0 to 4. From a short drive up the California coast, to a road trip through either the snowy hills or dusty deserts of Nevada, it's the sport  sedan for all occasions. For this reason alone the RS 4 proves its worth on the short list of any die-hard car enthusiast. Although, with the degree of Paul's addiction to the best that Audi has to offer, he just might be the one help us achieve another milestone here at Audizine; our very first three-peat Featured AZ'er!

Current Modifications

 - Engine/Exhaust:
  • JHM Stage 4 Kevlar Clutch
  • JHM Lightweight Flywheel
  • Milltek Exhaust
  • JHM "Piggie" Downpipes
  • Singh Tuning
  • K&N Air Filter
  • De-Flapped
 - Suspension/Transmission: 
  • STaSIS Ohlins Coilovers MS Motorsports
  • H&R Rear Anti-Swaybar
 - Wheels/Brakes:
  • 19" HRE M40 Monoblok in Matte Black
  • Brembo front and rear BBK 380mm
- Interior:
  • JHM Short Shifter (1" shorter)
  • Window Tint
 - Exterior: 
  • N/A
Future Modifications
DVD, sound system/speakers/AMP/boom box, and anything JHM creates.
Q (Audizine): We talked about this back in September of last year, but to refresh, when did you pick up this RS 4?
A (Paul): I have owned the RS 4 since June of 2007.
Q: And your overall impression of the RS 4 over that time?
A: I am impressed with the car. The RS 4 presents itself not only as a formidable base vehicle but one that particular stands out once modified. Overall, I have been very pleased with the depth and legs of this car.
Q: And we know you're certainly no stranger to the Audi brand.
A: Yes I also own a 2009 A4 Avant S line that has been pretty significantly modified as well and it's great too...just different, you know?
Q: Indeed I do. And as you mentioned in our last Q&A, it wasn't long before you picked up the RS 4 that you got into the European tuning scene?
A: I have had the enjoyment and fortune of working quite a bit with knowledgeable experts such as Eric at Supreme Power Parts, Jason and Dan from JHM, Jags with Singh Tuning, and others that make my decision making easy and informed. Each of these individuals knows their craft so well that it makes all of our cars stand out!
Q: If Audi made an RS 4 available on the B8 chassis, would you trade this one in for it?
A: Yeah, I mean it will have to be really good for me to change. This car is very dialed in. If I do switch, someone will get one hell of a B7 RS 4!
Q: So what do you love most about the RS 4?
A: Overall ballistic performance. Nothing like driving a sports car disguised as a four-door sedan, right? From the awesome BBK on all four corners, to the HRE wheels, to the JHM LWFW, performance Kevlar clutch, and short shifter, to the STaSIS Ohlins coilovers, this is simply one hell of a car. I suppose it's really the whole package that I love, enhanced by the throaty V8 exhaust note. The head whips are priceless...except from cops.

Q: And what do you dislike the most about it?
A: Prior to the mods, it was the clutch. Thanks to JHM, the lightweight flywheel and Kevlar material clutch cured my concerns.
Q: Speaking of mods, which one are you the most happy with?
A: Really, it is not any one mod but instead all of them taken together that make the RS 4 better. I can talk very highly about each but it's the overall performance delivery of all of them working together.
Q: No other performance mods planned for the car, huh? Is she pretty much maxed out?
A: Nope, JHM is stepping up tweaks on the RS 4 platform so I will get whatever from them and they are welcome to experiment with my car. These guys are really passionate about what they do which shows up in their parts and customer service. Of course, depending on how long I keep the car, another new set of wheels is possible too!
Q: Of all your RS 4's many modifications, which do you feel should have come that way from the factory, either standard or as an option?
A: Damn, that's a loaded question! The car should have come with a solid shifter and no DRC suspension. Oh and a better clutch. Stock, the brakes are just "okay". It's a given that the wheels are changeable, car can be tuned to perform better, etc. But the shifter, suspension and clutch are all weak.

Q: And which of your two current Audis was more fun to modify?
A: Well, hmmm... I suppose the RS 4 because there are great components to choose from that immediately translate to increased performance. The Ohlins coilovers are an outstanding addition and just about everything offered by JHM is fantastic! Dan and I were talking just today about some more upcoming tweaks that should be ready for installation in 2-3 months. Dialing in wheels for both cars was fun and, on the Avant, theres nothing like adding the AWE front mounted intercooler! Topping off everything on both cars are the Brembo BBKs. Not only do the Brembos look great, the cars frickin' stop in ways that inspire confidence.

Q: So, your fondest memory of owning, modifying, or driving this vehicle?
A: Same with the A4, the road trips! In the RS 4's case though, the aggressive back road drives that have caused passengers to actually, really, I am serious.

Q: And between your B8 A4 that we featured a few months back, and this RS 4, which do you drive more often and why?
A: Truthfully, I drive them about the same amount of time. Each has something different to offer. The A4 Avant tends to be my commuter while the RS 4 is for trips, jaunts, and when I drive angry...okay, like I stole it.

Q: So the RS 4 is obviously the "funner" of the two.
A: Yeah, back-roads, trips, going out to dinner...the way mine is modded, I have not quite figured out how to drive it casually. For instance, I recently drove to Las Vegas from Southern California. The distance is about 300 miles and a drive time of about 3 hours 15 get the idea. No tickets but some funny stories. Upcoming Spring trips include back roads on California Highway 58 up to Pebble Beach for a round of golf, and PCH north of San Francisco up to the redwoods and back to Napa for booze. I throw a spare wheel and hydraulic lift in the trunk, tune up two laser radar detectors and I am good to go!

Q: Any additional advice for your fellow enthusiasts this time around?
A: Simply do what makes you most happy and do it passionately!

Q: And once again, as we wrap up this question and answer session,  do you have anyone you'd like to mention or thank?
A: Eric at Supreme Power Parts, Gary Cogis at RaceTechnologies Brembo, Jags at Singh Autosport, and Jason and Dan at JHM.
  1. PESAPC's 2007 RS 4 Sedan - by King ©

  2. PESAPC's 2007 RS 4 Sedan - by King ©

  3. PESAPC's 2007 RS 4 Sedan - by King ©

  4. PESAPC's 2007 RS 4 Sedan - by King ©

  5. PESAPC's 2007 RS 4 Sedan - by King ©

  6. PESAPC's 2007 RS 4 Sedan - by King ©

  7. PESAPC's 2007 RS 4 Sedan - by King ©

  8. PESAPC's 2007 RS 4 Sedan - by King ©

  9. PESAPC's 2007 RS 4 Sedan - by King ©

  10. PESAPC's 2007 RS 4 Sedan - by Paul Stansen

  11. PESAPC's 2007 RS 4 Sedan - by Paul Stansen

January/February '10 Featured AZ'er: PESAPC's 2007 RS 4 Sedan
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