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December 2011 Featured AZ'er: Vinchenzo51's 2004 A6

December 2011 Featured AZ'er: Vinchenzo51's 2004 A6

December 6, 2011 - Written by Richard Melick, Photos by Rich Q.
User Name: Vinchenzo51
Real Name: Vinny Tomlinson
Location: East Haven, Connecticut
Year of Vehicle: 2004
Model of Vehicle: A6 S line
Engine of Vehicle: 2.7T
Color of Vehicle: Arctic White
The journey of Vinny Tomlinson (AKA: Vinchenzo51) into the Audi scene is not unlike many others. He was on the hunt for something different than his Ford Explorer as a daily driver. His goal was to find a vehicle that was reliable, fun, and comfortable. After talking to his friend Rich Q. (AKA: Bimmerchop) he started hunting for the perfect 2.7T A6. Six months into the hunt, and one blown-up Explorer later, Vinny was the proud owner of a bone stock 2004 Audi A6 S line. Then, the mod bug began to nibble.

Vinny is not new to modifying cars, but the A6 was his first step into the Audi world. With the intentions of having only this one vehicle as a daily driver, he started out wanting to keep the car clean and road worthy. He already had a weekend "play car", an SVT Mustang Cobra, and didn't give thought to changing the Audi from how he'd bought it. But, when Rich called him concerning some B6 S4 wheels for sale, it started the ball rolling into what we see now.

It wasnít until after the sale of his weekend toy that the A6 took the focus from not only his daily but the plaything as well. The mod list grew from the wheels to HID headlights, from blacked out exterior trim to suspension. With every change it lead to a new idea for what was next. Vinny was going for the classy and sporty look, building upon the curves and lines of the vehicle while also ensuring that it was a drivable daily. With over a year and a half of ownership, he has transformed the car from what was a common German sedan into something quite unique.

It's not simply the modifications' visible impact which caught our attention, but the amount work that has been put into the car in such a short period of time. It's things like a full interior swap from the stock grey to the black sport interior, along with a brand new 6-speed manual transmission, which shows just how far Vinny is willing to go to perfect his ride. In his eyes, the interior transformation was the biggest change for the car and ultimately raised his level of passion and love for the brand. With most of the work being done at home with the help of Rich and a few other friends, Vinny has put countless man-hours and his own blood and sweat into building this car.

This Audi A6 is the true expression of one manís desire and drive to build the ultimate daily, improving upon the styling and comfort through both big and small changes inside and out. From the blacked-out roof to the S6 door blades, the interior swap to 18 inch VMR wheels, this sedan not only represents European class but also refuses to be anything but the center of attention wherever it goes.

No matter the roots of the car enthusiast or the initial intentions of the ride, it's the mod bug that always bites hard and injects excitement into the owner. Vinny has taken his passion and love for cars and built his A6 into something truly unique and magnificent to enjoy every day. Performance and styling mods have turned this stock machine into the classy beast that roams the roads of East Haven today.
Current Modifications

 - Engine/Exhaust:
  • EPL Stage 1 tune
  • Forge 007 DVs (polished)
  • Custom oil catch can
  • Darintake
  • Flat white inlets/y-pipe
  • Gloss red valve covers
  • 01E 6-speed transmission swap
  • Fidanza aluminum LWFW
  • Spec Stage 3 clutch
 - Suspension: 
  • H&R Street Performance coilovers
 - Wheels & Brakes:
  • 18"x9.5" ET33 VMR V710 Hyper Silver w/ 225/40/18 front and 235/40/18 rear (Summer)
  • 18"x8" ET45 B6 S4 Avus gunmetal w/ 225/45/18 (Winter)
  • 14mm to 12mm stud conversion
  • Anodized gold extended/open lugs
  • B5 S4 calipers F&R
  • Drilled/slotted rotors F&R
  • Braided SS lines F&R
 - Interior:
  • Pre-facelift black sport interior swap
  • Carbon wrapped beltline trim
  • Facelifted B5 S4 steering wheel
  • OEM B5 RS4 Alcantara shift knob
  • Custom molded column gauge pod
  • Custom cherry wood floor trunk
 - Exterior: 
  • 55W 8000k DDM HID low beams
  • 35W 3000k DDM HID fog lights
  • Yellow xenon high beams
  • Clear cornered headlights
  • Clear euro projector lenses
  • LED city lights
  • Pre-facelift red/smoked taillights
  • Anodized black S line door badges and rear rings
  • Flat black roof and window trim
  • OEM RS 6 grilles upper/lower
  • S6 door blades
Future Modifications
  • Tial 605 turbos
  • EPL fueling
  • Custom EPL tune
  • Hotchkiss swaybars
  • Replace all mounts with Stern mounts
  • Euro rear plate tub (in transit from Germany)¬†¬†
Q (Audizine): How long have you owned this vehicle?
A (Vinny): I purchased the car May of 2010.
Q: How has your ownership been with it overall?
A: Actually very very good *knocks on wood* Literally zero issues for almost an entire year including winter until major modifications began. Once you start messing with too many things, then issues are inevitable. But that just adds to the fun!
Q: Where did you find the car, and how was the buying experience?
A: Searched for about six months for the right car. Had a tough time finding exactly what I wanted. Eventually found mine in Torrington, CT at a Hyundai dealership. My experience was awful to say the least. I spent months looking for the car, and literally...I can't make this Explorer blew up on the day I was going to pick the Audi up. Not only was the Explorer my only mode of transportation at the time, but it was also my trade in.

Q: Think you'll be getting another one anytime soon?
A: Eventually I'd like to pick up something with the new 4.0TT engine to replace this. But this car has been treating me very well so it won't be for a while.
Q: Is this your first Audi? If not, what other models and years have you owned?
A: Yes, prior to this, I drove a 2004 SVT Cobra along with several beater SUVs.
Q: How long have you been into Audis and in the European tuning scene?
A: I honestly never considered an Audi at all until speaking with a friend of mine, Rich (Bimmerchop). I needed a new daily driver to get to work. I was looking at old Subaru wagons at the time. After speaking with him, and finding out I can have the same S4 motor but in a larger platform, I was sold.
Q: How long have you been into cars in general, as an enthusiast?
A: I've always loved cars. I came from a family of Corvette owners, so naturally, I picked up my first Mustang when I was 15.
Q: Where do you think that passion and enthusiasm comes from, can it be traced back to anyone or anything?
A: My uncle and cousin were my biggest influence. Even when I was a little kid I can remember spending days in the garage with them working on their cars. Even remembering how cool it was when they asked me to start it for them.
Q: What do you most love about the car?
A: I have a tough time picking just one thing. My first thought was quattro. Being in New England, we have very interesting weather. With this car, I NEVER have to worry about anything keeping me from driving. That along with heated seats...mmmm.

Q: What's your biggest peeve in regards to the car, the one thing you dislike the most?
A: I know I might be alone here, but these cup holders must be made for skinny people, because my Wendy's cup doesn't come anywhere near fitting. Anything but a basic water bottle doesn't fit. Hop into my mother's Buick and nice big cup holders galore.

Q: When did the modding bug bite?
A: Very very shortly after I purchased it. Got a call from Rich - the same one who talked me into buying it in the first place - saying that his brother was selling B6 S4 wheels, which happen to be my favorite OEM wheel. I'd say it was roughly two weeks after I purchased it that I began modifications.
Q: Can you explain your modding style? Do you prefer more go, more show, perhaps a combo of both?
A: This car was intended to be my daily driver. So show was my priority. I like to keep things looking very clean and classy but with a sporty side. Since the sale of my Cobra, I've had such an itch to go fast again. Now, its almost time to scratch that itch. Tony at EPL, I hope you're reading this! *laughs* The engine will be my future focus.
Q: Do you prefer to do the work yourself, or do you have a shop or specific person perform the work?
A: Between myself and my two friends, Rich and Agron (AMC), we've done all of the work on my car. Between us three and the Audi community, I usually don't need a shop. My shop of choice for those times you just can't avoid it would be EPL. Guys down there are all really nice and always helpful.
Q: What was your first modification to the car?
A: B6 S4 wheels and HIDs were the first things I did.
Q: Which was your last, most recent mod?
A: My cherry wood floor trunk was finished right after 'Fall Show-n-Go'.
Q: Which mod are you the most proud of or happy with?
A: My 6-speed black sport interior swap. I did everything at once and it totally changed the car. This was the biggest project I've ever done on a car so far and it was definitely worth it.
Q: Describe your fondest memory of owning, modifying, or driving this vehicle.
A: Hard to pick just one. I think my favorite moment was my first drive after we finished the transmission swap. I think Rich and Agron even got it on video somewhere. It was such a feeling of accomplishment. Even though they made fun of me because I revved it too high and let out the clutch too fast.
Q: While the car you have now is amazing, what if money were no object? What's your dream car, or cars?
A: Probably a new S8 and a 997 GT2RS. I think that'd do it. Maybe the old RUF Yellowbird too. Yeah, that's it.
Q: What do your friends and family think about your passion for Audis?
A: My family doesn't understand nor appreciate my passion for Audis. They are supportive of me, but besides my uncle and cousin, the rest just don't get it. My friends all think its cool. They enjoy seeing the progress almost as much a I do. 
Q: How does your love for cars and Audis affect your life, does it play a pretty big part?
A: Depends on who you ask. My mother and girlfriend can sit for hours making fun of me for it, but my friends feel it defines me and now associate Audis with me whenever the topic comes up. My enthusiasm on the subject has gotten several of my friends to pick up Audis and join the community.
Q: What brought you to Audizine, and how long have you been with us?
A: I was very active in the Cobra forums in the past, so once Rich talked me into the A6, he recommended Audizine as the choice community forum. I joined in January of 2010 to aid in my search for my car. I have to admit, I made several of the usual newbie "Thinking of buying an A6" and "What should I look for" threads, but it did help me find the right car.

Q: When you're not on Audizine, or out playing with the Audi, what do like to you do for fun?
A: My Audi is what I do for fun. I really enjoy working on it with pretty much all my free time. What little time is left I spend with my girlfriend while secretly on my iPhone reading Audizine.
Q: Have an interesting day job? Care to talk a little bit about it?
A: Worked for Apple Computers for a while leading a technical department. Now I'm working for AT&T Mobility. Talked a few guys at Apple into Audis, and already cracked one at AT&T as well.
Q: Any word of advice for your fellow enthusiasts, a bit of wisdom you'd like to impart on the masses?
A: Never be afraid to ask questions and try things yourself. I never touched an Audi before in my life, but here I am, basically rebuilding my entire car from the ground up with no prior knowledge.
Q: And lastly do you have anyone you'd like to thank, any shout-outs?
A: First and foremost, my good friend Rich Q. He's not only the reason that I have an Audi in the first place, but also the reason it looks how it does today. He spent tons of time, hands on with the car, and countless hours responding to emails from me. As if that wasn't enough he also does all of my photography work. Second, Agron, for being the brains of my motor and trans swap, spending tons of time with me getting this thing up and running. There are countless others to mention from my C5 Audizine section. I couldn't have done any of this without you guys. My car is what it is today because of this community and the friends I've gained from it.
  1. Vinchenzo51's 2004 A6 - by Rich Q.

  2. Vinchenzo51's 2004 A6 - by Rich Q.

  3. Vinchenzo51's 2004 A6 - by Rich Q.

  4. Vinchenzo51's 2004 A6 - by Rich Q.

  5. Vinchenzo51's 2004 A6 - by Rich Q.

  6. Vinchenzo51's 2004 A6 - by Rich Q.

  7. Vinchenzo51's 2004 A6 - by Rich Q.

  8. Vinchenzo51's 2004 A6 - by Rich Q.

  9. Vinchenzo51's 2004 A6 - by Rich Q.

  10. Vinchenzo51's 2004 A6 - by Rich Q.

December 2011 Featured AZ'er: Vinchenzo51's 2004 A6
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